RGen Framework

All RGen downloads are hosted at the RGen Rubyforge project

You can visit the files section at Rubyforge to get the latest versions of the RGen gem or zip.

Normally you should be able to get RGen using the Ruby Gem tool:

> gem install rgen

If you want to see the content of the gem, just unpack it after installation:

> gem unpack rgen

This creates a new folder named something like “rgen-0.4.3” in your current directory. Alternatively you can also download the zip file.


UML Statechart to C++ Code Generator

This is an example reading in a UML 1.3 statechart model, transforming it into an instance of an own little statemachine metamodel and then generating C++ code from it using the State Pattern.

Download the example from Ruby Forge.

Examples used at Code Generation 2009

These are the examples I used at the conference:
  • A UML Class Diagram to ECore/RGen Metamodel converter
  • A RGen Metamodel to UML Class Diagram converter, allowing to do the full roundtrip (RGen Metamodel to UML Class and back again)
  • A example model expressed using the new ModelBuilder (i.e. a metamodel-derived DSL)
  • A simple code generator

Download the example from Ruby Forge.