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RGen at Code Generation 2009

Posted by Administrator on Mar 16, 2009

I will do an RGen tutorial at Code Generation 2009 conference in Cambridge UK (June 16-18).

The first part of the 90min tutorial will cover the basics and also some advanced topics of RGen itself. I will explain the different DSLs, and their use in practice using examples.

In the second part I will talk about the RGen based “Pragma” tool, we are using a Lear Corporation to generate code for embedded, automotive Electronic Control Units.

See the Conference Program for details.

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rgen-0.4.6 bugfix release

Posted by Administrator on Mar 01, 2009

Bugfix release rgen-0.4.6 is available at Rubyforge.

It fixes some problems which occured on Linux (non-Windows) systems.

First, some unit tests failed on Linux because of a problem with the handling of the \r\n line endings. Now, RGen can handle both kinds of line endings \n and \r\n. If a template file contains \r\n line endings (e.g. because it was made on a Windows box), the generator output will also contain \r\n line endings; independent of system the generator actually runs on. If a template file contains \n line endings, the output will contain \n line endings as well.

Second, this release fixes a problem which only occured with certain versions of the Ruby interpreter. With Ruby 1.8.6 on Fedora 9 for example, (metamodel) constants could not be resolved from within templates. This was due to a strange difference between Ruby interpreters regarding constant resolution from within dup’ed classes. The solution is not to used dup’ed classes for that specific purpose any longer.

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