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Posted by Administrator on Dec 27, 2008

The RGen website is now up and running!

RGen is a Ruby based framework for the domain of modelling and code generation. It provides Ruby DSLs for building metamodels, model transformations and code generation templates. Metamodel definitions are based on ECore, so they are compatible with Eclipse EMF.

RGen has evolved over the last 2 or 3 years with the first public release in August 2006. As of last year RGen is used for building modelling and code generation tools for the automotive, embedded domain. Since then it has also been optimized for speed and for efficient processing of large models.

This site provides links to the RGen documentation and downloads on Rubyforge.

A first public example project is available in the downloads section. It shows how a UML statechart can be read in, transformed into an instance of a custom statemachine metamodel and finally turned into C++ code.

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